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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Quest Spotlight SQL

Spotlight SQL - Quest

SQL Server environments are becoming more and more complex while remaining a critical component of your application architecture. It’s a struggle to keep up with this continual growth. What if you could proactively manage your SQL Server environment by viewing the health of all of your SQL Server instances on a single screen, anytime, anywhere on any device?

spotlight sql

You can with Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise. Manage your SQL Server environment while also gaining visibility into your operating system – Windows or Linux – and monitor your virtualization infrastructure as well. Spend less time fighting fires, by accurately diagnosing both real-time, and historical performance issues, and focus on more proactive measures like query tuning.


24x7 SQL Server monitoring and diagnostics
Establish around-the-clock, agentless monitoring from a centralized diagnostic server for a single view across multiple clients, with alarms and notifications when performance deviates from pre-set operating thresholds.

Simplicity without compromise
Install quickly and monitor large environments easily. Template configurations, automated alerts and customizable actions for simple configuration. Intuitive overviews and mobile device support deliver the data you need where and when you need it.

Powerful root cause analysis
Create multiple diagnostic workflows, including detailed wait stat/workload analysis and deadlock detection, with over 70 diagnostic drilldowns. Correctly recognize the symptoms to correctly deal with the root cause of any diagnostic challenge.

End-to-end monitoring
Get a complete picture of everything that affects your SQL Server performance including SQL Server itself, the underlying operating system, its VM layer, SQL Azure, high availability, replication and analysis services .

Never miss a beat with playback and mobile
Rewind your dashboards and diagnostic drilldowns to the time an incident occurred and step through it in slow motion. Monitor your SQL Server environment anywhere, anytime and run SQL Server diagnostics directly from your mobile device or web browser.

Multidimensional analysis
Analyze workload elements and wait stats by database, application, user, host or SQL statement. Establish top SQL and drill down to determine the biggest contributors to the SQL Server workload.

Customize for your environment
Set custom thresholds or create counters specific to your environment. Create rule-based, custom actions or define planned outages on a one-time or recurring basis.

Tool of choice
Integrate with enterprise monitoring or issue tracking systems. Use the SCOM management pack to easily integrate Spotlight as the tool of choice for your SQL Server needs.

SQL analysis and Xpert tuning
Utilize the SQL Optimizer integration feature to highlight long-running queries and sub-optimal code. With this information you can immediately tune, benchmark and investigate indexing strategies.

Historical trending and reporting
Understand the health, activity and capacity trends of your SQL Server environment with integrated management and performance views and client-side reports.

System Healthcheck and Collective Intelligence
Obtain a holistic view of the health of your system and benchmark results with other users.

PagerDuty integration
Users of PagerDuty can now send Spotlight alarm notifications to a PagerDuty dashboard.

Manage large-scale monitoring deployments
For large-scale SQL Server deployments, Spotlight provides custom views and template configuration to make monitoring your environment easy at any scale.


  • Spotlight Client
  • Diagnostic Server
  • Monitoring
  • Spotlight Statistic Repository
  • Playback Database
  • Language Supported

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